Bespoke Keyholder Management Services


Peaceforapound is our online keyholder management service that we operate in conjunction with Police Forces.

If your area is covered you can join up online right now. Click the button below to check coverage.

Are you looking for a solution?

If you are a Police Force, Fire Brigade or Council and would like to know more about our keyholders service, click the button below to request a callback from one of our team.

Interested in working with us?

Are you a large multi site organisation that could benefit from the security and cost savings that come from a dedicated keyholder service.


"Safe and Secure"

If the worst happens, subscribing to a keyholder service will help to protect your property.

Trusted System

We work for Police Forces who choose to outsource their keyholding function. Only the Police and authorised staff have access to your details, and only in an emergency.

Force Access

Any Police Force that utilises our keyholding service will be given direct access via the relevant control room, in order to minimise any double keying.

Easy to Join

Property owners can register online or by calling our registration hotline on 0345 606 5844. This helps to ensure that as many homeowners as possible register their details in order to improve the effectiveness of the scheme to the force.

Fast Response

In the event of a break-in or other issue where a property is insecure, a Police led keyholder service is the fastest way to stay informed so that action can be taken, and costs can be minimised to the property owner or the force itself.

Cost Efficient

GRG PR can provide an efficient system to any Police Force who currently manage their own keyholding system.

Very often, once the cost of staff has been factored in, this 'non profit' area of policing bears significant costs that can disappear once outsourced.

Income Generation

Even with an outsourced scheme, there will still be costs borne by the Police Force. When the Police Force works with our company to ensure that the scheme is fully promoted, there is an opportunity to offset some of these costs using income from the scheme.

Who are we?

Incorporated in 1994 GRG PR Ltd works with Police Forces and Fire Brigades across England and Wales providing 24 hour – 365 day per year – call handling for vehicle removal, the emergency securing of premises and keyholder lists.

Additionally the company inspects and supervises over 170 sub contractors carrying out work in local areas at the direction of the emergency services.