Call Handling

24x7x365 Call Handling

24hr Call Handling

We have operated a 24 hour call centre continuously since 1994.

If you are looking for a 24 * 7 * 365 call handling solution, we have the facilities and knowledge to quickly implement a custom package.

Contact us for more information and example pricing.

Overflow Call Handling

For businesses with fluctuating call volumes we can act as standby provision for your call centres.

Combined with our branded call handling service, we can offer a seamless service to your customers.

Branded Call Handling

Our in house team can design a custom solution for your business which ensures a smooth experience for your customers.

From the provision of dedicated phone numbers through to IVR prompts and call recording, we have the experience to provide a total solution for your business.


Bespoke Call Handling Packages

With our expertise and advanced IT systems we can tailor a call handling package to your needs.

24 * 7 * 365 Resilient Provision

All day, all night, all year. Our service doesn’t sleep nor does it take holidays, or call in sick.

Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) Based Call Routing

If you need an IVR to route calls to multiple destinations, we can supply, develop and implement this for you.

Overflow Call Handling

If your call volumes fluctuate, we can act as an overflow to your call centre to ensure that those valuable calls are answered.

Night / Weekend Cover

Only open in the week during the daytime? Help convert those missed calls by utilising our out of hours call handling services.

Point of Contact Management

Do you need us to act as a simple point of contact for your company? We can arrange this to ensure that the call is dealt with as you require.

White Label Solutions

Our service. Your name. Calls answered in your company name, call recording and detailed call statistics every month. Using our white label solution we appear to your customer to be your very own call centre.

Dedicated Numbers

We can supply dedicated 0845, 0345 and freephone numbers to your company depending on its requirements. You can market this number however you wish.

Call Recording

If required, we can record all incoming and outbound calls to your dedicated number. This is very useful for internal training and dispute resolution, as well as being a great way for you to check out how we answer your calls.